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Monday, March 26, 2007

A Day on the Town

My roomate and I went on the Daejeon City Tour Bus this Sunday. For 2,000 won ($2.00) we were promised a 4 hour drop and stop ride on the bus. BUT the bus smelled of homeless men...because there were two of them...one of whom was dressed to the nines in army attire. This guy kept punching me and touching my chin in the currency museum. I gave him alloted him three strikes...he's lucky he forfeited after the second.

Here's a no parking sign (pronounced--choo cheung cha geum chee)

Colin tolerating the rank of B.O.
The currency museum was boring for the most part but some interesting things like this ancient "knife currency" intrigued me.

"How much for that bag of rice good sir?"

"6 knives per kilo"

"Shinan hacheoyaseo Balgool doeen Chong gook Dong cheonkoo leomee"

Translated to English through my elementary skills--Chinese bronze coins used for merchant trading. Notice they're threaded through a rope for easy carrying capacity.
Therefore--the coins in this era had holes through them. They would be counted and roped. Each set of rope would be a certain amount.

Here's my entry for the "Signs of Spring" March photo addition. I thouhgt about the flower one at the bottom of this post...but I figured that was too cliche. Although teenage love may also be as well. I call this one "Waiting for the bus with my girlfriend"

SEcond stop on the tour was the Science museum at Expo Park.

Korea and China and Japan land locked together millions...maybe billions of years ago...
Japan starting to break away.

It was actually a sunny day. It looks cloudy because this time of year is when the "Yellow Dust" hits the Korean peninsula. The winds pick up sand and dust from the Chinese Gobi Desert and scatter Korea with a muddy haze. Many people at this time wear masks.
A very windy day.
At the science museum they had robots made for the different signs of the zodiac. Here's my sign. The year of the robot dog.

Colin and I quit the tour after the science museum because we couldn't stand another trip on the B.O. bus and to be honest the tour was pretty weak. But for $2 what could we expect. It was better than sittingin the apartment all afternoon.

Saturday, March 24, 2007


Everyone has to join the army at some point before or after university. Around the age of 21-22 years of age most join. Men are the only ones obligated but some women join too. Here's a future GI-Joe....mmmm GI-Jin I caught mucking around the streets with his AK 47.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


I hate counting down. I hate numbers, and I hate the world...not really the world..but the prior two I do. I used to count down the days until Christmas as a younger version of myself. I look back and wonder why I would tormet myself. I never had an alarm clock before I was 9 or 10 years old and would wakeup at 2 am, 3am, 4am, 5am, 6am, on Christmas day because I had anticipated the day so much.

These days I don't anticipate as extremely as I did in my adolescent past. These days when something exciting is coming up I sedate my mind and go into a sort of coma so as to not think too much about the exciting times ahead. It really helps the time to pass I'll tell you.

So I'll do my best from now on to not talk too much about coming home...just to save my own sanity.

I wonder if I'll be culture shocked..


Thursday, March 08, 2007

Apartment lingo

There are certain Korean words that my roomates and I tend to use quite often. Above you will see the word "Saregee" written in Hangul. Its almost second nature to throw in Korean words into our conversations. BUT...Saregee is our favorite. Pronounced "S-a-r/l-eg-ee", this term means trash/garbage/waste. Whenever something shitty happens to one of us the term is often thrown out there.
I don't have anything else special to talk about....hmmmm....thanks to everyone who sent me a birthday wish through mail/email...they were much appreciated.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Rainy weekend

This will be a short entry. But I felt inclined to express that on rainy days I feel the most peace. I feel inconspicuous as I shuffle through the allys and main roads sheltered by the medium sized brim of my umbrella. I don't have to pretend I don't notice people staring at me. Its really nice.

On a side note I went to church today twice. The first was a foreign church run by an international Christian school...the other was Hyung Soo's church...but the talk was in Chinese...hmmm...it was fun. My friend Hyung-Soo graciously drove me around in his 1995 mini industrial van...I don't know the make...I feel renewed, healthy, and full of life these days.

Another side note..Hyung Soo gets really angry when people cut him off or park selfishly on the side of the road. He likes to keep rotting fruit and an egg in his cup holders for such occasions...not joking.


Friday, March 02, 2007

Jangtaesan Revisted with a Vengence

Summited Jangtaesan...Colin and I climbed the tourist route of the adjacent mountain then spotted this one. There was no trail so we had to rough it up through the dry thorny brush, and at times on all fours grasping to any rock ledge that we could. What a rush to reach flat ground..
Colin on the easier trail climb.
DOG FARM! (Said in a forceful and aggressive tone of voice)
The weather was spectacular.
Climbing down the first moutnain...trailess...love it.
This is the second mountain from halfway down the foist.
Rock clusters litter these mountains. I think if you add to the pile without it collapsing you'll live a long full life...if it does collapse.....instant DEATH.

WE made it!

These little Buddahist shrines were also scattered throughout the second mountain...which makes one wonder why there wasn't any trails. Empty and full bottles of soju are left for the spirits???...I don't know.
The brush was honestly like climbing up fibre glass.
The road dividing the two mountains deep in the valley.
I met a friend on my way down. We had a GREAT debate over who we thought was more attractive: Scully from the X-Files or the girl from CSI Miami.
An old outhouse. Comfortable.
The exterior of the outhouse.
More scratches.
People also leave little trinkets for their loved ones who are buried in the mountains. This person must have loved travelling.