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Sunday, February 25, 2007

The "FUCK YOU" Kid

Today I will tell you a tale.

A true story, told from the third person, with few embellishments impregnated with intrigue, mystery, and drollery.

So without further or do....the story of the "FUCK YOU" Kid.

James had survived almost 10 months in the Republic of Korea. He lived on the second floor of an enormous set of block apartments owned by the Hyundai Company in the fairly large city of Daejeon, a five minute walk from his comfortable job at a private English school.

(Chapter 1)

One leisurely afternoon, after finishing being glued to his favorite TV program on "OnStyle", James decided to go into work five minutes early. Approximately one minute into his journey he came across two elementary school boys walking towards him. James didn't recognize them as his precious students. Expecting a sincere "hello", as most young children express in the area when James walks by them, the moment he passed them the shorter of the two said "FUCK YOU" under his breath.

(Chapter 2)
James, a sensitive and kind hearted soul, felt a sense of betrayal in his heart and a darkness emerged in his veins. Blackness filled his entire being. He clenched his fists, puffed his chest, and turned around grinding his teeth like Scar in the Lion King. "ILLOWA"!! he said in a strong yet poorly pronounced Korean voice. The two young boys continued to walk, away with quicker quantitative strides. The instant they turned the corner the innocent friend popped his head out and claimed his innocence with the words...."not me"...."not me".

(Chapter 3)
Two weeks later the incident had been forgotten. An uneventful Sunday morning led to a decision to hit the gym earlier than scheduled. The weather had cleared up and it started to feel like spring had finally arrived. James was in high spirits as he walked along side his long time roomate. They discussed what they planned to do at the Sportcentre when an unprovoked "FUCK YOU" came from the jungle that is Hyundai Apartments. Like a sniper in the jungles of the Vietnam War they were hit.

(Chapter 4)

The black blood flowed through James' body once again. The voice of a young boy stired rage. James fell to the level of his nemesis yelling immaturely into the Hyundai wilderness. Unable to see his enemy James shot out wildly with no target in sight. James wanted to stand face to face with this coward...but it wasn't to be.

It would have been an exhausting task to weed out the thorn that was damaging his ego. The moment his blood turned red...the unexpected happened...

(Chapter 5)
The ghost in the darkness taunted James with one last hit. "SHUT UP" yelled the young boy. James sighed with defeat. "Touche" ,he replied, as he walked dismally, with his head hanged, to the gym.



Thursday, February 22, 2007

ECC Festival

Last week our Kindergartens put on a variety show for their parents. It was an elaborate overthetop production but was absoutely precious. You can see some new videos at JimmyYs Video Store.

The "Gym Teacher", My Director, Jim Teacher, and Charlie Teacher at the after party.
The after party.


Saturday, February 10, 2007

These are my two new friends who I met naked at the JimJilBang a couple weeks ago. To your left is the quieter yet funny and unbelieveably dangerous Young-Suk. To your right is the jovial and equally as immature as me Hyung-Soo. We travelled about 45 minutes north to Independence Hall. Here you will see Korea's triumphs over the Japanese imperialist rule in a pleasant museum with many blatant reminders of Japan's cruelty during the Second World War.
In the words of Hyung-Soo.."I will Forgive, but I will NEVER Forget"

Some staged dummies to represent the types of torture Japanese soldier inflicted on Korea men and women who fought for independence.

The first Korea stamp. I think myself and Papa are the only ones who could ever find this photo interesting.

The father's of Independence...
Plus two.

Have a Good Weekend
Love James

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Field Trip to Komdori Land/Work

My 3:00 class. They're always a good group to teach at the start of my day. They're funny, respectful, hardworking, ande frequently give me treats. For example, three warm M&Ms, one piece of sticky hard candy out of its wrapper, and a handful of fish flavoured chips from the bottom of the bag. MY favorite students...so they're worthy enough to grace the pages of my blog.
Christmas gear was still abundant at Komdori Land...Santa is being hauled away by pirates into the slave trade.
My Homeroom kindergarten class. From left to right, top to bottom: Krista Teacher, ME, Cassie, Ryan, Ben, Julie, Livy, Karen, Matt, Ian, Tyler, Theo, and Max.
Colin and Charlie hard at work.....................?
Myles, Colin, and Charlie. My desk is to the left of Colin. With the pink file folder.....JIM JIL BANG....(said in a flamboyant and giddy voice)

Back to Komdori Land...there were kindergartens from around the city here.
I managed one run...but it wasn't good for the strained neck I managed the night before at the gym.

Komdori Land is a full out themem park in the warmer months.
This kid needed a "Cert"
Stay tuned for photos from my trip to Independecne Hall...they're controversial and shocking....

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Collage of Weekend activities

Snow covered Daejeon form the top of Bomusan
Josh visited Daejeon for the first time. We had a sweet hike up the slippery trail. Its funny watching some Koreans go hardcore with their mountain equipment on such a lesiurely summit. There were several mountaineers who were decked out with hiking sticks and metal ice grips strapped to their boots.
A view of the opposing peak.
There are exercise stations scattered throughout the trail, just in case you don't feel the hike alone is sufficient enough. This Ajemma (married Korean woman) posed hesitantly for me.
Pigeon House
"Go-stop" is a Korean card game popular among the Ajessies (older Korean men). This game was in 5th gear by the time Josh and I stopped in to buy some beverages while on our hike. Josh was offered, and of course he gladly accepted, a few bowls of Maccoli (Korean alcohol) from the owner of the shop.

About 3/4 of the way up the mountain there is a badminton court which of course was being put to good use.