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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Gym/JimJilBang Diaries

Dear Gym Diary,

The gym has been going well these days. I see the same faces everytime I go. There's a strange relationship between myself and the people I see almost everyday. There's only a couple people I say "hello" to ...but only because they took the initiative first to practise their English skills on me first. Overall I'm content with the friends I've make at the gym. However, there are a couple who I wish I didn't see so much ..only because they completely destroy any rhythm I have going while working out.

I think of the workout session as like a meditation. I CAN'T be disturbed or it ruins my whole focus. I can't lift as much...I become self conscious...etc. But, when I'm in the zone its as if NO ONE is around. Its just me and my body. I can push that extra rep, crunch that extra ab, run that extra 10 minutes.

Dr. JimJilBang Diary,

I love being naked and sweaty in a big Roman style bath with dozens of naked men. There's like an uspoken trust between everyone in the establishment. A brotherhood that is strenghtened by nudity. What a strange yet liberating concept. No one is worried about their fellow brothers gawking at them. JimJilBangs only work here because homosexuality, in my city at least, is strictly condoned as a societal value. As much as I can dream about it...I know they would never fly back home.

Ps...sometimes when I'm taking a nap on the on the heated stone floors I have to be careful of what I dream of....IFFF ya know what a mean.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I'll make sure to put up some new pictures from the weekend. Josh, old highschool friend, is coming to visit me in Daejeon on Friday. We're planning on going hiking so I'll make sure to take some nice pictures of BROWN korea....its very dry and not green here at the moment.

I've been looking for a place to go to church around here lately...and it was very convenient that a beautiful young korean woman came to my door and asked if I wanted to go...SWEET!

But of course, this being Korea, I misinterpreted what she meant by church. I walked down the street with her and her hunchbacked cronie to the fifth floor of some back ally building where I was greeted with a prestine church. But as I looked around there were no crosses. I was sent into a room where I was asked if I wanted anything to drink. Of coise I told the women I wanted some nokcha (green tea). It took them a while to kind the English video but eventually I was introduced to a bizzare twist on Christianity. The language barrier was passable, so I'm 98% sure that what I'm going to write is what this Christian-sect believes in.

First off. They believe in the Triity. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. However, God...is below Jehovah...but is still equal. And God has a wife. AND she is here on earth right now. Did you know this? Well I do now. She's some old Ajemma (older Korean woman) who lives in Seoul and is supposed to have the spirit of God's wife in her. I'm not sure what her purpose is on earth...but I realized straight away that I wasn't in the church I was hoping to be in.

THEN...they showed me some scripture (from the NIV Bible) which, in my mind, was completely taken out of context. If I wanted eternal life I HAD to eat the bread (body) and drink the wine (blood) of Christ. I couldn't just believe in him. AND I had to be baptized IMMEDIATELY. (said in a forceful and aggresssive tone of voice). They were going to baptize me into their "cult" right then and there. The name of the sect is "The Church of God World Missions". The other thing was that in their video they basically didn't say Jesus once throughout the entire thing, and showed all the good works they do, and were praising the "mother"...who is aparantly the wife of the second coming Christ...who was some other Korean dude who passed away a few years ago.

I asked the pretty girl what would happen when the "mother" died. But I think she misinterpreted me when I was trying to convey death with the back of my thumb being dragged against my outstretched neck. Anyways, I'm intrigued. I'm an educated guy who believes in what I was taught...so I'm too skeptical to ever fall into any traps. I told them to come back to my apartment next Tuesday. I think I may get an interpreter and delve deeper into why they believe what they do....ask the tough questions... I like religion...


Sunday, January 21, 2007

New Computer Screen Saver

You're looking at the most HANDSOME Kaenada (Canada), Migook (American), and Youngook (English) triple threat in Yuchongdong, Daejeon. We got this done on a whim while shopping in Eunhaegdong (downtown) today. My purchases for the afternoon included three plain white t-shirts, the photo, and an M151A1 Light Utility Vietnam Jeep model kit. I've taken up a new hobby....

...plain white t-shirts.


Saturday, January 20, 2007


I survived an earthquake in Korea...YEAH YEAH. Where's my sympathy and flowers? I spent a good 4 hours in the emergency room after the 6th floor of the movie theatre collapsed onto the fifth of Say Department store tonight.....

Not really...but while watching the movie "Blood Diamonds", a must see action thriller starring Leo-DeCap and Djimon Hounsou, there was a slight jostling of the seats which didn't seem to bother too many people inthe theatre. Having experienced a small earthquake back in the Toronto area when I Was in middle school I realized what was happening. Sure enough Hyelim recieved a message from the weather centre on her cell phone that an earthquake had just rattled the Daejeon area. After the movie she recieved another message saying it was nothing serious...Obviously...

So there's the story...nothing as exciting as the movie I saw.


Monday, January 15, 2007

New Years Resolutions...belated.


I didn't start off as well as I would have liked to but I think I'm starting to get on the right track as of late. First of all I want to get as healthy as possible for my brother's wedding. I don't want to look like the skinny 19 year old I was in Jennifer's wedding photos. So I'm completely dedicating my time and money into health and fitness.

Which means I'm going to do my best to give up drinking completely while living in Korea. It just makes me feel lazy the next morning and it doesn't help working towards a 6 pack. Also, I'm going to invest in buying better food. Eating MORE and MORE. I usually just eat very small meals...so I'm going to eat bigger helpings. There's no way I could ever get "BIG" from the gym...but I can definitely try my best to sculpt.

So...thats my resolution...the big one at least. Minor resoultions include saving more money before coming home...which will be easier now that I'm quitting drinking. AND...reading more books....and keeping the blog updated more....and I don't know how well I can keep up with these things...I've never really had resolution before. I just shrugged off the New Year like I did every other day...including the one year I forgot about my mum's birthday....I suck with dates....

What are your resolutions?


Thursday, January 11, 2007

A post done in real time..

I wrote this entry in my gym notebook while sitting eating my dinner at the foodcourt in "Homever"...

"I'm actually writing this blog from the foodcourt at Homever..the old "Carrfour" which I have mentioned a couple times on this blog.

There isn't much more that I feel like I need to do in Korea...wait they just called my number...

I ordered the gravey donkas (fried pork) with spaghetti, cabbage, rice, cream of mushroom soup, and ice cream.

This is the tastiest donkas I have ever had in Korea and my strawberry ice cream is is tempting me to to take a spoonful...but I know that will just ruin the delicious taste of the gravey residue on the roof of my mouth.

I took the subway to Tangbang (3 subway stops from my area of the city) as a means to relax at my newest hobby...sitting around a romanesc bathhouse with hundreds of naked men and boys. "Bulgama Spa" is by no means the greatest "jinjilbang" I have used in Korea but it does the trick and its close, cheap, and convenient.

Its got about two dozen hot tubs, each with varying temperatures, a two lane swimming pool, and several mineral pools which are supposed to help blood flow and skin health. Then there are the seperate saunas. There's the foot massage sauna which emits mist from the ceiling, the salt cleansing sauna whereupon you douse your body with a very stingy salt that burns especially when you have a rash between your fart box and back tires, and there's the scorching hot sauna thats pretty much unbearable to stay in more than 1 second.

This particular jinjilbang is 24 hours and goes for about 5,000 won (equivelant to about $6 Cdn) There's no time limit and you can also take advantage of the cheap massages--$20 for a 1/2 hour...the only thing is both you and the giver are stark. You have to be comfortable with your sexuality and your body cause its pretty much rude to walk around with cloth on your body. Of course mena and women have their own sections. But the men's has a two way mirror lookings into the womens.....

I'm on my way there now--I'll probably spend a good hour clearing my pours before taking a half hour sit down shower--so until next time stay healthy, fit, and alive.


Now I'm home and I feel like a million bucks...for some reason I think it would be a good business venture to open up a jinjilbang on Church Street.


Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Years

New Years at "Bench Warmers" a Canadian owned bar in Ulsan..decked out in hockey apparel
On the street celebrating after letting off fire works///HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
Burial Grounds of many kings of the Korean Past... a lake in the middle.
Relaxing with a king...
Racial discrimination?...whatever..it was the only toilet at the train station.

"W" Bar on New Years. Korean owned bar with a great atmosphere...we were there for Christmas too.
Boksuna Temple..one of the oldest and most revered sites in Korea...originally built in the 8th century...a shrine to Buddah.

Josh building a rock tower for Buddah.

These burial mounds were ENORMOUS....there's one body under that one hill...and LOTS OF TREASURE.

A very lucrative Buddah
These chaps were nice and roasted whenthey insisted on us taking a photo with them.

Front of the Temple.