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Friday, December 29, 2006

More weekend photos and a Korean Wedding

Ok these are photos from last weekend and from a Wedding I attended with my noona (older sister) In-Young a few weekends back. The man getting married is In-Young's friend from University. It was the most Unromantic wedding I've ever attended. It reminded me of what I think Vegas would be like. IN AND OUT, IN AND OUT...but it was cool to experience some of the traditional songs and customs...like fireworks coming out of the birthday cake.
The Temple in the photo is about a 5 minute walk from Josh and Jackie's apartment in Ulsan. They live in the country...a very nice change from my busy city...which is why I'm heading there tommorow night. So stay tuned for some new photos.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas was sweet. I travelled to Ulsan...approx. a three hour train ride south of Daejeon to visit Cresswell, a highschool friend that I played rugby with and did almost everything with my final year. Him and his girlfriend (Jackie) just moved to Korea about 3 weeks ago so I made the trip to be with them for a couple days.

Monday, December 25, 2006


I'm still here...I've just been frustrated with the fact that for some reason my computer has decided to reject the uploading of my photos. I'm trying to put pictures up with most posts now...so I've got a load to show you all once I get them emailed to me from another computer.

I spent the weekend in Ulsan...a three hour train ride south of Daejeon...where I had one of the most exciting and fulfilling weekends in Korea. Josh was his same old self...cracking immature jokes which only I could appreciate. And of course a special shout out to Jackie who had to put up with Josh being an ass for most of the time. Merry Christmas to everyone here and back home. I miss you Mom, Dad, Jennifer, Jason B.o.B, Aunts and Uncles, Nana and Papa, Cousins...Joel B.o.B., Eddie, Mikey, Carol, Jackson, Sprunt, Rawlins B.o.B., PHHHHINNNNEY, Josh B.o.B., Phil B.o.B., Hyun-A, Youngsook, Nicole, Katie, Jane, Adrian and Hayley (I hope you got eVerYthIng you wanted AAANNNNDD MORE!!!)

And a special note to my favorite little girl back in Canada....You know who you are Miss Hayley

"You are soooo very very special and I hope you had a FUNFUN Christmas. Enjoy you holidays and take care of Adrian for me. Best wishes for the New Year and be a GOOD GIRL for your mommy."


PS ...I'll post photos tommorow...they're funny..

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Myles' Life...hardly comfortable at the moment.

Some photos of last sunday in Jeonju and afterwards back at the apartment.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Jeonju Explored

A Catholic church which stood out like a banana in a bowl full of apples...
Baller City

Mini-scale of the village with three drunkards enjoying a leisurely afternoon with some rice wine
He had too much

Lee Gang Ju--my purchase
Paper-house...this guy made at least 100 sheet of paper with this contraption....
This is my water-paper drying on the hot stove....those are bamboo leaves.
Here's a better view of the water/paper/mulch...Its amazing that that is turned into paper.

Our train ride home.

I have to admit I was really grumpy throughout most of this day trip. I don't know why, it was probably my time of the month or something. But as I look back on the day I'm realyl glad I went. Jeonju is the old capital city of Korea, where most of the kings lived during the Joseon Dynasty (mmm 15th to early 19th century). Sarah, Hyelim, Colin and I took in the traditional "pioneer village" which was embedded in the city itself and surrounded by old style houses where people still live today. I'd reccomend this place for any foreigners looking to be emersed in the history of this country. You can do some really cool things as well. I made a sheet of paper from a water mulch...which has been done for hundreds of years. I laminated it today at school and made it into a place mat. We also went to the wine museum whereupon I purchased a small bottle of "I don't know what it is but I took a picture of it". Ok here are the photos from the day. Enjoy!