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Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I was blessed to have been given the opportunity to go to the Korean equivelant of the MTV Music Awards. Laura called me up and asking if I wanted to go to a music festival on Saturday...so I called up the boss and asked for the afternoon off. It all worked out well and we had an amazing time! It was pure boyband/pop idol stuff but it was entertaining. It was definitely a once in a lifetime type of thing and I don't know how I keep falling into these circumstances...but keep em coming. If you check out JimmyY's Video Store (the link is on the right hand side of my blog) you can see a few videos I shot . I was second row right behind all the stars. Some mentionable names: Super Junior (a boy band group with 13 members), dong bang Shin Gee (the hottest band in Korea--according to the teenage girl audience), and Typhoon.
An unforgetable experience!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Rectangular Pens

A quick shout out to the new roomie hitting D-town come Friday. Myles you're gonna live an experience you never could have dreamed of. So best of luck on your flight and border crossings and such. See you Friday.

Hmm...I apologize to Alex for not taking any pics of us in Itaewon, but the whole "see you guys later...(10:00)" then ""Hey whats up guys where were you (5:30)" put a damper on the photo sessions. Next time I promise buddy.

Christmas lights were up all around Seoul, and have started to appear in and around the department stores here as well. Its gonna suck not seeing my family for the foist time at Christmas. 23 year tradition will be shattered. Kind of like When Cal Ripkin Jr. had to retire after who knows how many continuous games played. I don't really want anything for Christmas. I never really do. I figure the money could be spent on more valuable things...but I like gifting to others.

I used to go to the dollar store when I Was in middle school and buy my brother all the coolest things. Like: BUffalo BIlls pens, bouncy balls, hockey cards (which I would trade for a few days later in exchange for bugs bunny cards), and some other junk which I'm sure have found the local dumpster since then. But I always liked buying things for people. I think if I had any motivation to become financially wealthy it would be so I could buy things for everyone I Care about.

I feel motivated.


Sunday, November 19, 2006


I've never partied for such a long period of time. We hit up Seoul for the night then caught the train back home in the morning. ITs only an hour train ride...if you take the bullet train. Went to a foreigner bar with way too many foreigners in it. A relaxed Reggae club, then a Hip Hop club which charged an exorbatant $15 cover. But the music was good. Here are pics from the night.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Its been 9 days

I apologize to those who religiously read my blog...which is probably my mother and myself. No excuse really. Just no photos as of late and I've actually been busy with people. Which is a good thing...right mum? The weekend saw the usual Bobo set accompanied by a couple nights at Brickhouse...the foreigner bar/hangout place. If Daejeon had a University community centre Brickhouse would be it. I played in a poker tourney and came 6th...out of 15 so I won some good conversation.

The weather's been perfect ...it feels like Thanksgiving time back home...so I figure the whole temperature is about a month behind what I'm used to but I'm enjoying it. I'm wondering if I can get through the winter without a proper jacket...because I don't have one...I like the layered look cause it makes be look big and dangerous...minus the dangerous...minus the big...I just look stupid.

Some unmentionable things have kept me busy as well. For those of you who TRUELY know me I have acquired the unmentionable and have been content as of late...but its still not the same as back home....and am counting the days when I can partake in such matter with those amigos I miss the most...Eddie, Mikey, Sprunt, Jackson, Morton, Carol, Rosati, etc. Goodtimes...but of course I can't leave out those who are not in the partaking group...Joel, Brother, Phyllis, PHHHHHHHIINNNNEEEYY, Rawlsbawls, parents, etc. I miss you all. And yes if I didn't write your name you're feeling left out as you read this so I send my immediate apologies...and know you are missed as well.

Side note...today I felt the most insecure in a public place of all time. I was in the elevator of the giant department store near my house (SAY department store) where I was rising to the 7th floor to hit up the gym for a quick workout. ...when uncharacteristically...it stopped on the 6th floor...whereupon at least twenty of the most gorgeous people I have ever seen stepped onto the elevator...

They 19 girls one guy...all at least 6 feet tall with their heels on and all so beautiful I couldn't look up...I stared at the elevator floor not knowing what to do. They were speaking random things in English to try and make me feel comfortable...like "Superman is flying" and when I tried to squeeze past them all on the seventh floor before the doors even opened they all said in unison (followed by a comotion of laughter) "Excuse me" "Excuse me" ...to predict what I was inevitably going to have to say to get by all of these beautiful people. I'm 99.9% sure they were coming from a modelling shoot/convention or something...they were stunning.

I was humbled


Thursday, November 09, 2006


The Mosquitos in my room are hindering my sleeping capacity. You would think it would be too cold for them to survive but not true. The days are still fairly warm here. You can walk comfortably around in a light sweater. Kind of like the first week of September. Its quite refreshing. But at night the MOGIES are driving bananas. Its usually one every night. Colin and I hypothesized that they stake out our rooms while we're at work during the day and hide very inconspicuosly so when we do our pre-sleep MOGIE check they avert our poor eye sight.

About 90% of the time, as I stand listening without breathing--to mute any sounds that would mask the sound of their buzzing wings--I hear nothing and climb insecurely under my covers. The moment I begin to lose consciousness and slip in REM I hear "bzz.....bzzzzz.......bzz......bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......BZZZZZ!!!" I freak out thinking I'm dreaming but realize this nightmare is very real. I rush to the light where upon my eyes take at least 2 minutes to adjust to the putrid glare of the flourescent ceiling lamp. I throw on my glasses and stand holding my breath.



Quick breath

Searching the walls and ceiling, trying not to confuse my previous kills with the one I intend to make.

70% of the time I can't find it. I know they have a base hidden somewhere my brain would never conceive of. So after usually 10 minutes of waiting, I conceed to the reality of my defeat and cover my entire body with my blanket to avert bites.

I'm excited for Winter.


Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Its cheap, fun, and will give you a splitting headache. Arcade. Some shots from our saturday night. I haven't been to an arcade since grade eight where we would try to come first place in the "Crusin USA" game so we could gawk at the bikini girl who would grace the hood of the champion's car. This time around I stuck with "Virtua Tennis" and some step dance game.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

BOBO Update

MY unofficial photographer Sarah/Eve don't see eye to eye on fuzzy photos. She sees artistic merit in them whereas I see a bad photo. But to each his own. I'm grateful she took any. Whenever I ask Colin to do the honours he ends up taking pics of Korean girls. If you're in the area check out Bobo Bar in Euningdong (Old Downtown). It has a really intimate setting and is surrounded by some relaxed tunes and acoustic vibes from yours truely. Every Friday night around 10:30. And, ladies, the bartenders are all cute and young.


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Rememberance Day

I've felt very tired as of late. Different reasons for each day. I think I'm starting to get cocky with my comfortability at work. I know I'm a great teacher, most of my kids like me and I like most of them, they usually do well on the tests I give to them, and its like a system now. Just like in University when you had an essay due. YOu put your heart and soul into it...by 4th year at least...and you expected results. I have the same mindset when I teach. If I know I've taught a class well I expect the kids to do well on any kind of evaluation reagarding the material. However, I don't want it to seem like a system. I watched a program with COlin about Montessori schools and it made me feel like an inadequate teaching mechanism. But what if there was more freedom and less structure in school? I'm not even going to start the debate but it was on my mind.

Thats all for today. Have a happy November 1st...the start to the shittiest and most depressing month of the year.