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Saturday, July 22, 2006


Except there's no allstar game. Just a break. I figure fraternizing with one of the players over the next 10 days maybe skew the scores or cause suspicion among other competitors. So for the next 2 weeks WTF IS THAT will be on vacation.

Scores for WTF IS THAT (Round 11)
1 point--Sare
1 point--sis
1 point--heather
1 point--Joanne
1 point--policebro
1 point--ShoeGalAysh

1st--47 points--Heather
2nd--35 points--Sare
3rd--21 points--Joanne
4th--19 points--PoliceBro
5th--17 points--ShoeGalAysh
6th--14 points--Sis
7th--12 points--CC
7th--12 points--F. Scott Fitzgerald
9th--05 points--LittleJohn
10th--03 points--Jackson
11th--01 point--Cheryl
11th--01 point--Mike

New Flash: I am the winner this week.

Also, check out JimmyY's Video Store (available in link form at the bottom of this page) for some cool breakdancing tips.


Friday, July 21, 2006

There really isn't much to talk about other than Sarah's visit which begins Sunday night and last for 10 days. Work is starting to become routine but not monotonous. Maybe in another couple of months monotony will set in. But the time being I'm enjoying it. 5 day vacation starts next friday night. I'm taking Sarah out of town to Busan, which is in the south east corner of the peninsula. There's a sweet beach named Haeundae Beach. I've been longing for some quality vacation time and what better opportunity than to celebrate it with the most beautiful girl in the world. And its her birthday so I can justify spending lots and lots of money...maybe.

Ummmm...thats about it. Sorry for the weak posts as of late. I'm sure there will be some nice fresh photos once Sarah gets here.


Thursday, July 20, 2006

Count Chocula

I despise counting down to good things. Time almost feels like it stops when I do. I can recall not having an alarm clock when I was in my younger years and anticipating Christmas morning. My excitement would wake me up at 3:30am, then 3:45 am...and so on. I would always scurry to the hallway to see if it was almost time for everyone to get up and open presents. Its painfully excruciating. So now I put no effort into counting down days. Time passes and when a special time gets close I ALWAYS pat myself on the back for a job well done...I fooled my self.

Its been three months since Sarah and I have been physically seperated. They've sucked but have proved valuable in our relationship. I'm now starting to countdown the days until she arrives. I figure a three day countdown is about good enough for me. I have been anticipating the reunification for three months...but the official countdown starts today.

See you soon lovely!


Wednesday, July 19, 2006


One stereo speaker

Scores/Standings/New Object/Commentary on Saturday.


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Things That Annoy me at Work

In no particular order:

1) Co-workers who complain about work at work. Please wait until you get home to vent. I'm sick of hearing the same shit day in and day out. We all suffer from having to try and teach kids who don't understand what we're saying. Your complaining and winy voices just irritate the rest of us. No one likes having to listen to music they don't like.

2) Here is where I vent, quietly and discretely. Students who don't have patience. When marking a students workbook out of no where 3 students always have their book in my face or are touching my hair, or yelling "teacher FINISHEEEEEE". Don't your parents teach you lessons in manners? Stop breathing on my neck, get your books out of my face, line up in a quiet and orderly fashion, and say "teacher come here PLEASE" instead of "Teacher COME, Teacher COME, TEACHER COME!!!!!"
--Many of these faults in my students are slowly but effectively starting to change. I tend to bottle up my frustrations and let them seep out like a fart...then quietly and calmly explain to them what Not to do.

3) This one goes out to a private student of mine named "Frank". Frank has the attention span of a basset hound on speed. About 10 times over a 40 minute period I have to tell Frank to sit down. He likes to climb on the desk, and sit on his chair as dangerously as possible. He also likes to randomly grab shit from my teaching basket and do the most unpredictable things with them. For instance, my water bottle. Within a 2 second time frame Frank was able to Reach, grab, twist, and cookie crumb camel lips all over my water bottle. Frank...please take some ritalin.

4) The F-ing washroom always stinks like folic acid mixed with diarrhea and decomposed cottage cheese with fresh roses and urine.

5) When you take a dump in the bathroom the students like knocking on the stall door and taunting you in Korean...while you sit awkwardly hunched over trying not to let out those really loud "pwwwweeeeeeeet" sounds from your ass.

Thats all I can think of for now. But for all the irregularities and annoyances at work I never go to work in a bad mood, nor do I ever wake up in the mornings dreading the day ahead of me.


Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Time of Reflection

I was reading the blog of a very spiritual friend of mine this evening and how she felt distant from God over the last month. She works with drug addicts and the homeless in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, the poorest postal code in North America where drug lords and child prostitution rings run rampant. Its a very depressing scenerio. I lived in the area doing much the same thing that my friend continues to do. However, I chickened out. I let my own selfish desires pull me away from the work I was supposed to be doing.

I don't regret my decision to not stay the entire year working to make some sort of impact in the community. To be honest the organization I was working for was a little too extreme for my tastes. I loved working on the streets and talking with the residents of the community...as zombie-like most of them were. I didn't, however, like being regimented by this particular organization. I was being trained spiritually...and I started resenting my whole purpose for being there. Maybe I didn't know exactly what I was gettin myself into. I think the world of this group of people who I left behind, and I don't slag them one bit. I envy their bravery and desire to start instituting social change from the filthiest parts of our society.

I'm content with my decision to leave. I consider myself a spiritual man. I despise religion for all the heartache it has brought to the world. Its often difficult to seperate the two, but when you do have an epiphony and realize the two are seperable its quite a liberating feeling.

I'm not ashamed of any of the decisions I've made in my life, because every one has led me to this moment. To this moment of reflection. I am happy, blessed, excited for the future, and optimistic. I don't regret the relationships of the pasts and the mistakes I have made because they have made me who I am today. I hope I continue to make many many mistakes so that when I'm 65 everything will come perfectly easy for me. I like learning the hard way. I'm glad I stuck an epipen through my thumb...what an exciting story to boast about today. I don't want to be remembered as a boring guy who did his thing day in and day out. I want to be able to write a book of comical follies and strange encounters. I think I'm well on my way.


Saturday, July 15, 2006

WTF IS THAT? (Round 11)

Scores for Round 10
6 points--Heather (plus 3 bonus points for three perfect guesses in a row)
6 points--Sis
6 points--Sare
1 point--ShoeGalAysh
1 point--Mike
1 point--Joanne
1 point--Jackson

WTF IS THAT? LEAGUE STANDINGS (as of July 15, 2006)
1st--46 points--Heather
2nd--34 points--Sare
3rd--20 points--Joanne
4th--18 points--PoliceBro
5th--16 points--ShoeGalAysh
6th--13 points--Sis
7th--12 points--CC
7th--12 points--F. Scott Fitzgerald
9th--05 points--LittleJohn
10th--03 points--Jackson
11th--01 point--Cheryl
11th--01 point--Mike

News Flash: Sis is moving her way up the leaderboard with an astounding guess which matched the quality of both Heather and Sare this week. She's proving to be a serious contender if she continues to battle it out with the big boys. A special welcome to newcomer Mike...best of luck, there's lots of time to move your way up. As commisioner of WTF IS THAT? I'm proud to say that this weeks object should prove to be the most difficult yet.


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Is there Korean "White Trash"? I was pondering their existance while walking through Carrefour last night purchasing my groceries. I noticed the cashiers and people working in the store seemed a little less attractive and even shorter than the people purchasing items from the store. Similar to Walmart in these regards it appears Carrefour hires lower classes to work long 12 hour shifts at $3 per hour. No overstatement here. Just making shallow observations. But, I wonder if Koreans look down on people who work at places like Carrefour...similar to how most of us sub-consciously don't pay too much attention to the people working at Walmart.

Do Korean's strereotype against one another? I would assume yes. One of the kindie students is severely overweight for his age and the other kids poke fun at him. So there is definitely a weight/fatness stereotype. I'm trying to get a better grip on this culture everyday...and its difficult...but exciting.


Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Yeah...it was a belt belt buckle. A few got this one. And I have to apologize for forgeting the rules of my own game. I promised bonus points if someone got 2 perfect guesses in a row. So 2 extra points will be awarded to Heather's score. And I'm not afraid of having dinner with you Heather...just want to keep the competition ripe. Rile the troops in time of low moral. Its to keep your interest spiked in the game as well.

Scores/Standings/Commentary/New Object on Saturday


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Speech Contest

Yesterday and Today marked the beginning and end of the Kindie Speech contest. Of course there were no winners...they were all winners. But I did manage to capture one of the youngest students. Also the most precious in my eyes. His name is Rex and I don't belive I've met a cuter 4 year old ever. Also he's the one doing all the actions in the Muffin Man and Mr. Sun Songs. Check out JimmyY's Video Store for all the action. Not much action...just adorability.


JimmyY's Video Store is accessable under the "Blogs I Read Section" at the bottom of this blog.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Legs on Fire

I started my first leg workout in life today. My hamstring muscles feel as though they've been doused with RUB-A5-35. But I am proud that I faced my leg workout fears. I did however have to hold onto the railing as I walked down the stairs into the dressing room.

Mr. X randomly gifted Colin and I with some of his hand-me-downs. I recieved a sweet sailing shirt while Colin was blessed with a perfect pop-collared polo. I'm going to sport the new attire at work tommorow. (I am a strange man)

ANNDD...here are some random photos taken today to make up for the weekend. Nothing special just something to bless your eyes with...


Buddhist Writing in Hangul (I'm still trying to decide where to hang this)

Best view from my 2nd floor apartment...nothing to gawk at

From "Russia: A comprehensive History" and "The History of Early Modern Germany" to "Hangul For Babies"

BBQ Hajuseyo

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Weekend Update

Apologies are in order due to the fact I sheepishly forgot my beloved camera at the apartment on all ocasions this weekend.

Friday night Colin and I satyed in and watched Jurassic Park while consuming some Cass and Fried Takogi (chicken meat).

Saturday: Viewd Pirates II at CGV cinemas. Ate sushi with Hyelim then met up for soju at "Tul Bar" in Old Downtown with Hyan-A and Young-Sook. Colin and Brittany met up with us a little later for some Norebong (Karaoke Room) action. A pleasant local night on the town.

Side beef: I don't understand why people make a big deal about North Korea. Let them do their shit. They're not going to attack anyone without proper justification. Where were the sanctions on America and Russia 25 years ago? If Bush is so adament on taking out dictators and "freeing" citizens around the world from Tyranny why didn't he invade NOrth Korea? Oh yeah thats right...North Korea would embarass then slaughter the American army...and they don't own large oil reserves.


Saturday, July 08, 2006

WTF IS THAT? (Round 10)

Scores for WTF IS THAT (Round 9)
6 points--Heather
3 points--Sare
1 point--policebro
1 point--LittleJohn
1 point--Sis

WTF IS THAT? League Standings (as of July 8, 2006)
1st--37 points--Heather
2nd--28 points--Sare
3rd--19 points--Joanne
4th--18 points--PoliceBro
5th--15 points--ShoeGalAysh
6th--12 points--CC
6th--12 points--F. Scott Fitzgerald
8th--07 points--sis
9th--04 points--LittleJohn
10th--02 point--Jackson
11th--01 point--Cheryl

New Flash: Stocks are dropping and company shares are plummeting as WTF IS THAT? is evidently becoming much less popular. It appears many contenders have been scared off by the strength of the leader. But the season is still young. Ten months remain. So get those guesses in. If you have no motivation maybe the overconfidence of Heather will motivate you to overthrow her regime at the top.

Heather writes:

"It would appear to me that I'm looking at Judy Jetson's dress for the Astro Formal. She's going to look really 'hot' in it consdering it doubles as a heater when not being worn.

If I'm not mistaken this week's WTF is a heater or a heat lamp. I imagine the coils heat the ceramic centre and a fan blows the heat while the metal disc reflects it. I also suspect there's a cage attached to keep you from burning your wee fingers or other 'significant' body parts.

I do hope I'm not cold on this guess, the Korean dinner in your last post looks delicious

Let me remind you a free Korean Dinner is at stake.


Friday, July 07, 2006

Gym Diaries

Dear Gym Diary

Today I purchased some protein powder with glutamine from the gym. It was over priced but it "pumped" some new life into me. I don't know what it is about downinga protein shake but it puts the mind at ease. A good work out and medicine to tend to those torn muscles makes for a satisfying gym experience.

Mr. X notified me that my chest was coming along well, as well as my shoulders, but my legs are too small. I promised him I would get on it ...now that I have my protein powder. I looked around the gym at my Korean workout colleagues and came to the conclusion that they pride themselves in strong defined legs. My ankles are the same width as my hamstrings. I hate working out legs. I've created a phobia in my head that if I work out legs they're going to give out on me somewhere between the dressing room and my walk home. But he is right. My legs have been and continue to be my most neglected body parts.

(side diary)
Dear Legs
You are going to be punished over the next 10 months.
(side diary)
Dear Hamstrings
I apologize in advance for the torture I am going to put you through. But whatever doesn't kill you hamstrings...can only make you stronger. I have been a bad father to you...letting you slack off at the gym. Its time for me to stop being a dead beat dad. I'm ready to take responsibility.
(This is where I hug my hamstrings and shed a few tears)

On another note, I am appreciative of the fact that korean men are very advanced in expressing how comfortable they are with their sexuality. I recieved a nice naked tummy tap from Mr. X yesterday in the shower room. Why did our society become so homophobic? Given: Koreas gay population is still in hiding, its not kosher here. It may explain the closeness between men here. Some openly wear make up and women's shirts and its common for teenage boys to walk arm in arm down the street together. Best friends of course.


Thursday, July 06, 2006


A Space Heater with a Fan.

Looks like Heather may go down in the record books as the Wayne Gretzky of WTF IS THAT?

New Photo/Commentary/Standings/Scores on Saturday


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

North Korea Beware

Don't "F" with this guy. A recent letter and some photos from my brother who is training in the Canadian military this summer.

How's Korea treating you? I got a few pics from my graduation. I don't have any pics developed from the BMQ course yet but I'm saving the development till probly the end of my SQ course when I'll have two full cameras. Plus the SQ ones will be way better. For the last week we've been training on the C6 Heavy Machine Gun and the C9 LightMG. It's pretty nuts man. They're turning us into killers man. They mess with your heads, and the only news we get on tv in the dining hall is either sports or army stuff telling about like North Korea, Iran, the middle east, all those messed up places. And they keep making it seem like we're going to war after this. I asked a question to my Sergent in class why we didn't have more than 2 C9LMG's and 1 C6HMG because they account for 80% of the platoon or section's fire power. He goes, "these guns are $10,000 a piece, yes they would mow the enemy down like chicken in a blender, but the cost is too much to operate 5 or 6 of these for each section. Human lives are expendable they don't cost anything, so we're better off losing a life than one of these guns they are too expensive." Sweet.... Anyways, we're on the grenade range this week from wednesday to friday so I'll have a few sweet picks for you, and I think we get the Carl Gustav's the last week, if not then I will atleast get it in DP1 Infantry.

Third from the right closest to the camera...check out those tree trunk arms. Rambo central.

Peace Brother--paradox

Monday, July 03, 2006

Gym Diaries

I've been inspired by both my brother's website, www.ironinsight.com, and one of my sister's most recent blogs about funny shit happening at the gym. So here's the first installment of "Gym Diaries".

Date: Today

Dear Gym Diary,

I've come to realize I don't have to be overly sensitive about the size of my penis in Korea. Back in North America I am quite average. But here maybe slightly above so. Men in the changeroom at my gym walk around naked without any inhibitions. Only the really buff guys at the University gym back home would even think about strutting their birthday suits.

I've become very comfortable walking around naked in the company of both young and old men...in the changeroom. For the last few weeks I have walked from my locker to the showers and back with a confident swagger. Another part of me which is trying to fit into the culture here. Also, the length of pubic hair of Korean men is not an issue as it is back home. It is custom for young men back home to trim it to make their penises look bigger. However, I've noticed the trimming norms are absent among all men...another bonus for me...trying to fit into the culture.

For those questioning my sexuality at this point, I am happily in love with a young lady and my observations have been instinctively peripheral.


Sunday, July 02, 2006

Weekend Update

Friday night: Asked to go to dinner with Mr. X after a quick workout at the sportscentre.

Dinner--samgyopsal--Lonely Planet described the meal as follows: "Fried pork slices; thinly cut and fried in front of you, it comes with rice and vegetables. A good meal when drinking soju, but not for fighting heart disease".

Colin attempting to look sexy...instead the hollywood mugshot.

Dr. Lee (a new hyong--brother)

Saturday: Had dinner again with Mr. Yoon and his wife then headed to the Girl's apartment for a couple drinks.


"Mr. Sun" now available at JimmyY's Video Store


Saturday, July 01, 2006

WTF IS THAT? (Round 9)

Scores For WTF IS THAT? (Round 8)
6 points--Heather
3 points--Joanne
3 points--PoliceBro
3 points--LittleJohn
3 points--Sare
3 points--sis

1st--31 points--Heather
2nd--25 points--Sare
3rd--19 points--Joanne
4th--17 points--PoliceBro
5th--15 points--ShoeGalAYsh
6th--12 points--CC
6th--12 points--F. Scott Fitzgerald
8th--06 points--sis
9th--03 points--LittleJohn
10th--02 points--Jackson
11th--01 points--Cheryl

New Flash: Congratulations to Heather for once again sweeping the field with a poifecto guess. PoliceBro is storming his way up the leaderboard while rookie sensations LittleJohn has been welcomed with open arms into the League.